Week 10 Fantasy Wrestling Preview

The Southern Scuffle is finally here! While nearly one half of D1 teams attended the Midlands Championship last weekend, the other half will be at the Scuffle.

This week there is a bunch of wrestling going on. We kick off the week with the Southern Scuffle going down in Chattanooga on Wednesday and Thursday. This is always an action-packed tournament with many upsets and new names emerge. This also means BIG fantasy points. We also have the West Point Duals and F & M Open going down in Week 10.

There is a lot of wrestling to keep up with, so finding out who to start can be a pain in the butt. Check out my list of guys below that are great to have in your starting lineup this week.

Also, tune in live on Flowrestling to see it all go down at the Scuffle on  January 1st and 2nd.


Nick Piccininni (Southern Scuffle)

Alex Mackall (Southern Scuffle)

Luke Werner (Southern Scuffle)

Nic Aguilar (Southern Scuffle)

Killian Cardinale (Southern Scuffle)

Fabian Gutierrez (Southern Scuffle)

Jacob Schwarm (Utah Valley)

Brandon Paetzel (Duke/Missouri)

Pat McKee (Duke/Cornell)

Drew Hildebrandt (VT/NIU)


Micky Phillippi (Southern Scuffle)

Chaz Tucker (Missouri/Minnesota)

Montorie Bridges (Old Dominion/Michigan St/West Point Duals)

Mosha Schwartz (Southern Scuffle)

Cam Sykora (Southern Scuffle)

Sammy Alvarez (Southern Scuffle)

Cody Russell (Southern Scuffle)

Noah Gonser (F&M Open)

Reece Whitcraft (Southern Scuffle)


Real Woods (Southern Scuffle)

Kaden Gfeller (Southern Scuffle)

Tariq Wilson (Southern Scuffle)

Kyle Shoop (Southern Scuffle)

Josh Heil (F&M Open)

Mitch McKee (Duke/Cornell)

Grant Leeth (Cornell/Lehigh)

Dom Demas (Ohio)

Ian Parker (Southern Scuffle)

Evan Cheek (Southern Scuffle)

Sa’Derian Perry (Wyoming/SD State)

Zach Sherman (West Point Duals)

Jojo Aragona (Southern Scuffle)


Boo Lewallen (Southern Scuffle)

Brayton Lee (Duke/Cornell)

Brock Mauller (Cornell/Lehigh)

Max Thomsen (Utah Valley)

Andrew Alirez (Southern Scuffle)

Kanen Storr (Southern Scuffle)

Requir van der Merwe (Southern Scuffle)

John Millner (Southern Scuffle)

Russell Rohlfing (Southern Scuffle)


Hayden Hidlay (Southern Scuffle)

David Carr (Southern Scuffle)

Jesse Dellavecchia (Southern Scuffle)

Larry Early (Wyoming/SD State)

Taleb Rahmani (Southern Scuffle)

Jacob Wright (Cal Poly/Utah Valley)

Matthew Zovistoski (Southern Scuffle)

Jarrett Jacques (Cornell/Lehigh)


Shane Griffith (Southern Scuffle)

David McFadden (Central Michigan)

Thomas Bullard (Southern Scuffle)

Jacob Wentzel (Southern Scuffle)

Connor Flynn (Southern Scuffle)

Andrew Fogarty (Southern Scuffle)

Quentin Perez (F&M Open)

Travis Wittlake (Southern Scuffle)

Ebed Jerrell (Southern Scuffle)

Kennedy Monday (West Point Duals)

Tanner Skidgel (Southern Scuffle)


Joe Smith (Southern Scuffle)

Jordan Kutler (Duke/Missouri)

Neal Richards (Southern Scuffle)

Joe Smith (Southern Scuffle)

Devin Skatzka (Duke/Cornell)

Bryce Steiert (Utah Valley)

Daniel Bullard (Southern Scuffle)

Carter Starocci (Southern Scuffle)

Hayden Hastings (Old Dominion/Michigan St/West Point Duals)

Anthony Mantanona (Ohio) 


Trent Hidlay (Southern Scuffle)

Louie DePrez (Southern Scuffle)

Nino Bonaccorsi (Southern Scuffle)

Taylor Lujan (Utah Valley)

Hunter Bolen (Central Michigan)

Sammy Colbray (Southern Scuffle)

Corey Hazel (Southern Scuffle)

Andrew Morgan (F&M Open)

Dylan Wisman (Cornell/Lehigh)

Anthony Montalvo (Southern Scuffle)


Nathan Traxler (Southern Scuffle)

Dakota Geer (Southern Scuffle)

Tanner Sloan (Michigan St/Old Dominion)

Ben Darmstadt (Missouri/Minnesota)

Michael Beard (Southern Scuffle)

Nick Reenan (Southern Scuffle)

Jake Woodley (Ohio)


Demetrius Thomas (Southern Scuffle)

Jere Heino (F&M Open)

Jordan Wood (Duke/Missouri)

Gable Steveson (Duke/Cornell)

Matt Stencel (VT/NIU)

Mason Parris (Oregon State)

Cary Miller (Southern Scuffle)

Brian Andrews (Old Dominion/Michigan St/West Point Duals)

Gannon Gremmel (Southern Scuffle)

Christian Colucci (Southern Scuffle)

I apologize for the lack of commentary on these this week. A lot going on this week traveling and seeing family. I will make sure to have better commentary next week! Good luck on your matchup this week. Let me know how it goes!

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