WLAG/HMA Interview #47: Maya Nelson

On the 47th edition of the HMA Interview Podcast, Maya Nelson joins the show to give us an insight on what her training looked like during this summer, her struggles with injuries throughout her career, and her opinions on the growth of women’s wrestling.

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HMA Interview #51: Andrew Alirez Home Mat Advantage

Welcome back to the HMA Interview podcast! We are excited to have Senior Nationals champ and sophomore from Northern Colorado, Andrew Alirez join us today for the 51st interview. Before we roll the episode, let me fill you in on the latest at HMA Wrestling. First and foremost, we have just published our first ever merchandise order, and it is live on our site at HMAWrestling.com/Shop. Purchasing our Compound Sportswear gear is the best way to support HMA to keep on producing content.    HMAWrestling.com | HMAWrestling.com/shop | WrestlersAreWarriors.com
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Sam Herring

Sam Herring won the 2020 WIN Magazine Journalist of the Year. He is also the co-founder of HMA Wrestling alongside Jude Swisher. He has written for many notable wrestling media outlets, including FloWrestling and the Amateur Wrestling News Magazine.