2019 Bill Farrell Preview: 86kg

Dom Deputy- 11/15/19

The Bill Farrell Memorial tournament is upon us, and with it, the HMA crew and some friends will be providing you with previews for each weight. 



  • Alex Dieringer
  • Sammy Brooks
  • Myles Martin 
  • Nathan Jackson
  • Brett Pfarr
  • Tim Dudley
  • Drew Foster
  • Dom Abounader

Definitely a tough weight, which every weight will be. Tons of NCAA All Americans here and a couple champs. These wrestlers are definitely going to put on a show and want to show everyone why they should represent the USA in the Olympics.

My top guys:

  • Alex Dieringer
  • Sammy Brooks
  • Brett Pfarr
  • Nathan Jackson

These are my front runners for this weight. I can’t put Dieringer anywhere else but in first. Sammy Brooks, who bested 4 seed Nate Jackson at the US Open (we could see a rematch from the two again), in my opinion will come out with a second place finish. Brett Pfarr bear MyMar at the US Open last year and I feel is in for a great run this year. Then lost to Sammy Brooks 7-3 for 3rd. Nate Jackson finished 5th at the US Open and had a tough loss to the Sammy Brooks twice, then beat Myles Martin to get fifth.

What we’re looking at with the seeds:

We could possibly have a Jackson/Pfarr and the winner would get Dieringer. On the bottom half we could have a Sammy Brooks versus the winner of Myles Martin and Tim Dudley. 

One person I am really excited to watch is Drew Foster. The last match I can recall of him wrestling was at BTS against David Taylor, where Taylor got injured and could not participate in the WTT. Another one is the 6th seed Tim Dudley who is coming down a weight. Dudley picked up a 4th place finish at the US Open last year so he could be one to watch as well.

Complete HMA picks:

Sam Herring 1) Alex Dieringer 2) Boris Makoev 3) Myles Martin

Jude Swisher 1) Alex Dieringer 2) Sammy Brooks 3) Myles Martin

Dysen Gould 1) Alex Dieringer 2) Sammy Brooks 3) Myles Martin

Mason Beckman 1) Alex Dieringer 2) Myles Martin 3) Nate Jackson