Week 15 Fantasy Wrestling Preview

Welcome to the end. The final week of the fantasy wrestling regular season is here!

For some of you, the playoffs are out of reach. I’m sorry, but life doesn’t give out participation trophies. However, some people are winners and have their team in a spot to make a run at a fantasy championship. 

For those of you that are still needing to lock in your playoff spot, here is an exhausted list of the guys that you should use this week to get you into the top 4.


Pat Glory (Princeton) – Columbia, Cornell

Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) – Wyoming, Air Force

Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) – Buffalo, Kent State

Luke Werner (Lock Haven) – Edinboro, Rider

Michael Colaiocco (UPenn) – Columbia, Cornell

Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) – Michigan State, Ohio State

Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) – Little Rock, Missouri

Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) – Penn State, Michigan State

Spencer Lee (Iowa) – Michigan

Jack Mueller (Virginia) – Pitt

Devin Schroder (Purdue) – Nebraska

Alex Mackall (Iowa State) – Oklahoma

Pat McKee (Minnesota) – Penn State

A few guys that I would really target this week are Werner, Colaiocco, and DeAugustino. These three guys have been having great seasons this year and are still some of the most underrated guys in fantasy at the weight class. I guarantee at least one of these guys (if not all three) are available right now in the portal. 

It’s pretty obvious that you plug in guys like Glory, Lee, Picc; but, if you’re in need at 125 make sure you check out one of those three guys first.


Micky Phillippi (Pitt) – Virginia, Davidson

Chaz Tucker (Cornell) – UPenn, Princeton

Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) – Fresno State, Oklahoma State

Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) – Purdue, Indiana

Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers) – Illinois, Rider

Seth Gross (Wisconsin) – Penn State, Michigan State

Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) – Wisconsin, Minnesota

Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) – Michigan State, Ohio State

Collin Gerardi (VT) – Old Dominion, Duke

Derek Spann (Buffalo) – Central Michigan

Tim Rooney (Kent State) – Central Michigan

Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado) – Cal Poly

A couple of guys I really like here are Lovett and Alvarez. Both have had very solid freshman campaigns and seem to be ramping up towards tournament time. Lovett is a beast on top (as shown by Gross and Desanto picking neutral in their matches with Lovett). Alvarez has proven to be dynamic enough on his feet to even hang with the big names in the weight. 

They both have favorable matches this week and should earn you some solid points at 133. 


Real Woods (Stanford) – CSU-B, Oregon State

Chad Red (Nebraska) – Purdue, Indiana

Nick Lee (Penn State) – Wisconsin, Minnesota

Kyle Shoop (Lock Haven) – Edinboro, Rider

Dusty Hone (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) – Buffalo, Kent State

Shakur Laney (Ohio) – NIU, SD State

Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Dom Demas (Oklahoma) – Iowa State

Josh Heil (Campbell) – Chattanooga

Evan Cheek (Cleveland State) – NIU

Mitch Moore (VT) – Duke

Salvatore Profaci (American) – Bucknell

There are plenty of guys at 141 this weekend that will be in the portal for you to snag in pursuit of fantasy glory. A few names that come to mind are Simon, Laney, and Cheek. All have been solid this season and have great matchups this weekend. 

This is the reason you’re reading this article. Please don’t start guys like Zach Sherman or Tariq Wilson that are in big matches (these two against each other actually), because one of them has to lose. Instead of taking the chance of your guy losing a big match, pick up a dude like Evan Cheek that is almost a lock to win this weekend.


Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Colton DiBlasi (George Mason) – Navy, Hofstra

Cole Martin (Wisconsin) – Penn State, Michigan State

Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) – CSU-B, Oregon State

Austin O’Connor (UNC) – NC State

Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Brock Mauller (Missouri) – Arizona State

Brayton Lee (Minnesota) – Penn State

Kizhan Clarke (American) – Bucknell

Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) – Cal Poly

John Millner (App State) – Citadel

Bryce Andonian (VT) – Duke

Who is heck should be the number one ranked wrestler at 149lbs this season? That has been a crazy question for months; however, us fantasy nerds don’t care about rankings. Only results. 

Colton DiBlasi is probably a free agent in 99.9% of leagues and is a FANTASTIC fantasy option this week. He is 25-8 in his Senior season with a 39% bonus rate. Not Hodge numbers, but certainly good enough to get your fantasy team into the big dance.


Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) – Michigan State, Ohio State

Quincy Monday (Princeton) – Columbia, Cornell

Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) – Lock Haven, Rutgers

Anthony Artalona (UPenn) – Columbia, Cornell

Zac Carson (Ohio) – NIU, SD State

Jared Franek (ND State) – Utah Valley, Fresno State

Taleb Rahmani (Pitt) – Virginia, Davidson

Hayden Hidlay (NC State) – UNC

David Carr (Iowa State) – Oklahoma

Kaleb Young (Iowa) – Michigan

BC LaPrade (VT) – Duke

Matthew Zovistoski (App State) – Citadel

Most of the guys listed above might be available. Guys like Franek and Carson having two favorable matchups are a better option for your team than holding on to Kaleb Young that is a sure win, but allergic to bonus points. Do yourself a favor, pick up the dudes that look good THIS WEEK and not a highly ranked guy.


Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) – Wisconsin, Minnesota

Shane Griffith (Stanford) – CSU-B, Oregon State

Isaiah White (Nebraska) – Purdue, Indiana

Josh Shields (Arizona State) – Little Rock, Missouri

Evan Wick (Wisconsin) – Penn State, Michigan State

Tanner Skidgel (Navy) – George Mason, Duke

Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Jake Wentzel (Pitt) – Virginia, Davidson

Andrew Fogarty (ND State) – Utah Valley, Fresno State

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) – Binghamton, American

Dan Braunagel (Illinois) – Rutgers, Maryland

Alex Marinelli (Iowa) – Michigan

David McFadden (VT) – Duke

Ethan Smith (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Quentin Perez (Campbell) – Chattanooga

Ebed Jarrell (Drexel) – Columbia

There is a guy at 165 right now that you need to add if you don’t have a stud. His name is Travis Wittlake. He is 22-1 as a freshman for the OSU Cowboys. His only loss on the season came to #3 Shane Griffith in a tight one. While Wittlake isn’t a bonus machine YET, he is a winning machine. Stick with him. You won’t be sorry.


Mark Hall (Penn State) – Wisconsin, Minnesota

Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) – Little Rock, Missouri

Joe Smith (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Jacob Oliver (Edinboro) – Lock Haven, Davidson

Joey Gunther (Illinois) – Rutgers, Maryland

Dean Sherry (Rider) – Lock Haven, Rutgers

Michael Kemerer (Iowa) – Michigan

Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) – ND State

Neal Richards (VMI) – Bloomsburg

Andrew McNally (Kent State) – Central Michigan

Jacob Oliver of Edinboro is my hot pick up of the week at 174lbs. Oliver is 19-4 in his Sophomore season with a bonus rate of 39%. While his stats won’t turn many heads, he has been quietly putting together a good resume and should get you a few wins this weekend to put towards your team score.


Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) – Little Rock, Missouri

Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt) – Virginia, Davidson

Aaron Brooks (Penn State) – Wisconsin, Minnesota

Taylor Venz (Nebraska) – Purdue, Indiana

Cam Caffey (Michigan State) – Northwestern, Wisconsin

Anthony Montalvo (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Zach Carlson (SD State) – West Virginia, Ohio

Billy Janzer (Rutgers) – Illinois, Rutgers

Hunter Bolen (VT) – Duke

Trent Hidlay (NC State) – UNC

Louie DePrez (Binghamton) – Bucknell

Abe Assad (Iowa) – Michigan

Rocky Jordan (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Tanner Harvey (American) – Bucknell

Take your pick here. Guys like Caffey and Montalvo are most likely out there for you to pick up, you just need to see which matchups you feel most comfortable with and shoot your shot. 


Nathan Traxler (Stanford) – CSU-B, Oregon State

Pat Brucki (Princeton) – Columbia, Cornell

Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State) – Air Force, Wyoming

Ethan Laird (Rider) – Lock Haven, Rutgers

Thomas Lane (Cal Poly) – Northern Colorado, Air Force

Kollin Moore (Ohio State) – Northwestern

Noah Adams (West Virginia) – SD State

Jacob Warner (Iowa) – Michigan

Jay Aiello (Virginia) – Pitt

Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) – Iowa State

My man Nathan Traxler is looking good this week with some great potential matchups and bonus points. There are not a lot of potential portal guys here, but you might get lucky and find one of the above. 


Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) – Buffalo, Kent State

Demetrious Thomas (Pitt) – Virginia, Davidson

Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) – Penn State, Michigan State

Tanner Hall (Arizona State) – Little Rock, Missouri

Josh Hokit (Fresno State) – Wyoming, ND State

John Birchmeier (Navy) – George Mason, Duke

Gable Steveson (Minnesota) – Penn State

Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley) – ND State

Gary Traub (Ohio State) – Northwestern

John Borst (VT) – Duke

Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) – Oklahoma

Cary  Miller (App State) – Citadel

Jere Heino (Campbell) – Chattanooga

Pinnin’ Matt Stencel is looking like the best option at heavy weight this week, but that doesn’t mean that there are several great options. 

One guy that has incredible matchups is John Birchmeier of Navy. Any time you see that a guy is wrestling George Mason and Duke in the season fantasy week, you pick them up. 

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