Pastor Sam’s Ordination

Jude Swisher

June 26, 2019

Here at Home Mat Advantage, Tony Rotundo and I often jokingly refer to Sam Herring as “The Little Pastor” or “Pastor Sam.” It’s even the tagline for this website: “Pastor Sam and Jude Swisher Breaking Down Wrestling!” So how did such an obscure nickname come into being?

At Final X: Rutgers, Sam and I ran between the floor and the Mix Zone. At the conclusion of a match, one of us would run back to do an interview and the other would prepare for the next one. After Tamrya Mensah-Stock defeated Alex Glaude, Sam hustled over to the Mixed Zone to mine this gem:

Sam, being himself, asked an excellent, well thought out question. Apparently this startled Mensah-Stock, and the nickname stuck.

(Photo: Tony Rotundo/

Jude Swisher

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